York Children’s University (York CU) aims to promote experiences which make learning fascinating and fun and encourage children’s fascination in the world. It is part of the national Children’s University Scheme for children aged 5-14, which recognises children’s learning activities out-of-school (at “Learning Destinations”).

Passports are obtained from schools that are members of York CU (e.g. Carr Junior, Clifton Green, Clifton with Rawcliffe and Lakeside) but passports can also be bought and registered at York Tourist information office. Visit for more information.

York District Commissioners have worked with York CU to establish scouting as a validated learning activity. This allows York scout groups to register as validated Learning Destinations and 1st Clifton Sea Scouts is now one of these. The scheme does not intend to compete with or replace anything scouting provides; it is more of a 2-4-1 offer!

We have been given guidance below on how we award learning hours.
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Please note: hours are not awarded for hours spent at regular meetings – they are only awarded for specific learning activities. In addition to work towards badges we are allowed to award hours for specific activities up to 5 hours per day and up to 10 hours per weekend. There is also a weekly limit. An example of a special activity was the ‘Operation Remember’ District activity at Snowball.

In order to give some consistency, we will put together a list of badges and a rough estimate of fair hours per badge. This will just be a guideline and if there is any evidence that more hours were undertaken then the leader can award the hours they feel more relevant.

We can only award hours for badges awarded after the passport issue date and after we were registered (March 2015). Hours will usually be added the week after the badge was awarded but there is flexibility if the passport is forgotten. Parents should leave the passport at the start of the evening, a little early if possible, and expect to collect it a little after the end of the session.