The next waste paper collection and HQ maintenance day will be:

Saturday 14th February

We have substantially increased the number of houses we have notified about our collections and hope that this will result in many more papers to collect. Of course, that means we will be needing many hands to help unload the van and trailer, fill the skip and collect papers on the streets into piles to make it easier for those in the van to pick up.

The van will be dropping papers off at the hut several times during the morning but as this is our first time on our new route we’re not sure exactly when the drop times will be.  Please be patient and bear with us – we’re trying to make things work more efficiently so there’s less hanging around for everyone but we may not get it right straight away.

Parents, Leaders, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers – please do try to come along and help if you can, anytime from 9am. Proceeds from the waste paper go towards funds for the Scout Group, activities for the kids and help keep subscriptions down.