During 2016, 100 years of the cub scouts section has been commemorated in many ways. We finished off our own celebrations with two exciting events – the regional Cubs 100 flag parade at Flamingoland and the district Promise Party held at York University.


We were watching the forecast all through the week and whilst it was a cold day it didn’t rain. That’s not to say we didn’t get wet though!

We started the day by parading the 1st Clifton, Atlantic and Pacific pack flags around the park with groups from all over the North East region, much to the excitement of a rhinoceros that was charging around its paddock.

We met back at the start point where the giant necker was suspended from the masts of the pirate ship. This necker is made up of signed individual neckers from groups throughout the Region.

We spent the rest of the day following the zoo trail. After being nominated for his commitment to Cubs activities James Byatt from our Atlantic pack was lucky enough to be chosen to represent North Yorkshire feeding the Meerkats. Being in the enclosure having meerkats walk all over him was an experience I suspect he will remember for a long time.

To finish the day we went to the Sea Lion show, where we renewed our Cubs promise, and were thrilled by the skills of the sea lions. Lots us were on the front row and several Cubs were part of the show when they got soaked by Clive the sea lion. After the show we went to see the sea lions in the back pool. Not wanting us to feel left out the other sea lions seemed to take joy in soaking the rest of us stood watching!

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Special thanks to Kathryn Surtees for helping out with driving the minibus.

Promise Party

The Promise Party was a national celebration that included a Promise renewal and was held on 16 December 2016 at 7.16pm (19:16) to commemorate the official registration date of the Cub Scout section.

We all had a fantastic time at the University, what a great way to end the year and celebrate all the activities we’ve enjoyed in this centenary year and everything we enjoy about being cub scouts.