When Richard’s children became Leaders in our Group ‘a few’ years ago and he came along to help them out, I wonder if he imagined he’d still be lending us a helping hand when he reached his 90th birthday?!

Richard is a most amazing assistant to all our sections and a most valuable support to our leaders. He keeps a watchful eye and a hand on the kettle at the river every Friday in boating season, he’s a competent and experienced rifle shooting teacher, someone we can rely on to always open up the hut when someone’s going to be late or delayed, makes sure we never run out of juice and toilet roll (v. important job!) and many, many a Beaver, Cub and Scout will have enjoyed his humour and benefited from his gentle care as they have passed through the Group over the years.

Since Richard has done (and continues to do) such fantastic volunteering for us, we couldn’t let the occasion of this birthday milestone pass without a little celebration. On Friday evening, the Scouts presented Richard with a specially designed cake to take home and enjoy. The cake was accompanied with biscuits decorated in the style of the Sea Scout jumper which Richard shared with the Scouts and Leaders. Unfortunately, Richard and the scouts were not wearing their uniforms to match the cake and biscuits this week as the session involved messy jobs in the boat garage. I’m sure you’ll agree the goodies looked great anyway.

Thank you Richard for all your help and support and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!